Thursday, 27 February 2014

Novel inspired by Walter Potter

Bestselling author Kate Mosse has written a novel inspired by Walter Potter! 

The Taxidermist’s Daughter, coming out 11th September, is described as "a Gothic psychological thriller" which deals with a series of grisly murders which rock a flood-beset village in West Sussex in 1912.

The book draws on the landscape where Mosse spent her childhood and is said to be inspired by visits she made in the 1970s to the Walter Potter Museum of Curious Taxidermy.

Mosse said: "I love Gothic fiction and I was obsessed with Walter Potter’s museum when I was a child. Potter was a self-taught Victorian taxidermist, who established a small gallery in his native village of Bramber in mid Sussex. I was both horrified and horribly drawn to the exhibitions and, I suppose, I’ve always thought I’d write something inspired by the museum.
"Having finished my Languedoc Trilogy after 15 years of researching, planning and writing, the time was right to exchange the mountains of the Pyrenees for the creepy glass bells jars and grisly feather and fur displays of a taxidermist’s workshop."